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Stuck in a cycle of debt?

In today's tough economic times, many families are feeling the difficulties of keeping up with their debts, and some have fallen further and further behind. It may seem as if there are no solutions, while the stress from the overwhelming debt keeps mounting.

At The Sherman Law Group, we are here to let you know that there are solutions available, and our team of bankruptcy attorneys can help you find out whether bankruptcy is right for you. Bankruptcy can be a confusing subject for many people, but with the help of The Sherman Law Group, we can explain the bankruptcy process to you and guide you through the process of filing for bankruptcy. Whichever alternative we work out together to get you back on your feet, we want to make sure that we dispel any bankruptcy myths so that you can make an informed decision regarding all of your legal options.

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Find the Debt Relief Solution that is Right for You!

When you approach our legal team for assistance, we will analyze your financial circumstances and help you decide what options are best suited to your needs. While you may have the option of filing for Chapter 7, or Chapter 13 (or Chapter 11 bankruptcy if you are a business), there may be alternatives to bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is not for everyone. Some individuals feel it isn't right for them, or after we evaluate your specific circumstances, we feel that there are other options that would be better suited to your needs. You may prefer debt resolution, such as negotiation or settlement procedures. These will allow you to get your debts under control, with the help of our firm, so you don't have to work with creditors directly.

Trying to Stop Creditor Harassment?

You may be experiencing phone call harassment from creditors attempting to collect on your debts. We understand how difficult it can be to be receiving calls at all hours, even at work. You can be protected from these unwanted actions with our help. A bankruptcy filing can stop these calls almost immediately, in addition to preventing wage garnishments and repossessions. The law is on your side when it comes to resolving your debt situation legally through bankruptcy protection.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

While it may seem unlikely now, there is life after bankruptcy. We have successfully assisted numerous clients in over 50 years of combined experience in resolving their debt problems and moving forward with their lives. We can even help you with credit repair after resolving your debt issues, to allow you to create a new financial future. When you file for bankruptcy, be sure to call our office for a free consultation of your case. Proudly serving clients throughout Atlanta.

  • “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for the way you handled my daughter's case”

    Teresa F.

  • “The Shermans have been on top of everything from the word go, which I cannot say for my previous attorney. Kudos to Mr. & Mrs. Sherman!!!!”
  • “They have a realistic approach and make the absolute best of the situation. Valerie and Bill were always there for me.”
  • “Whenever some needs a great lawyer, I always refer them to Sherman Law Group”

    Mike O.

  • “ I feel much less stress thanks to you. A big thank you.”

How to File for Bankruptcy in Georgia

Our legal team understands the difficulties a family goes through when facing debt and are here to provide you with a caring and understanding legal advocate who will work diligently with you throughout the process. We have decades of experience in the area of bankruptcy and debt relief law that we can use to your advantage.

Many people are unfamiliar with the laws regarding bankruptcy, mostly because a person filing for bankruptcy is filing for the first time. Every aspect of your bankruptcy petition must be filled out thoroughly and without error; even a small error can hold serious consequences for a debtor. Not only will the bankruptcy petition be denied, but a person who makes a mistake on their petition may be charged criminally with fraud. Failing to mention all of your assets and debts can lead to lifelong consequences on top of the surmounting debt you are currently facing.

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