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Benefit from the Experience of Attorneys Bill and Valerie Sherman Former Assistant Attorney General, Assistant County Attorneys and Magistrate Judge

Bill Sherman

Attorney Bill ShermanBill Sherman uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to provide straight-forward answers and realistic judgments to each and every case. A former Assistant State Attorney General and Assistant County Attorney, Bill's results-oriented approach to practicing law puts clients first. Bill Sherman takes the time to build relationships with his clients, taking their values and main concerns into consideration as he forms an individual strategy for each case.

As a bankruptcy attorney in the Northern District of Georgia, Bill Sherman has provided second chances for countless families experiencing financial distress. Clients praise Bill for his work-ethic and ability to help alleviate stresses for families in difficult situations. His detail-oriented approach allows Bill to quickly and effectively assess finances and determine the best course of action for each client on an individual basis.

Between Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and debt negotiation, Bill Sherman uses all of the resources afforded to Americans under the United States Constitution to put his clients in the best financial position possible. In over twenty years of practicing law, Bill has seen it all. He is a non-judgmental client advocate who believes in second chances. Bill gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping people through their most difficult times and he continues to use his common sense approach to control costs and keep bankruptcy representation affordable.

Outside of work, Bill Sherman shares many similar interests with his clients. Bill's interests include sports, hobbies, charitable work, outdoor activities and participating in cultural events. As a volunteer coach on numerous youth teams, Bill enjoys getting the chance to spend time teaching children about the importance of sportsmanship, competitiveness, and hard work -- habits that he knows they will benefit from both on and off the field of play.

Bill Sherman and his wife, Attorney Valerie Sherman, founded the Sherman Law Group for the purpose of providing sound legal advice to those who might not have access to highly skilled representation. Contact our firm today.