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Are you considering bankruptcy in Roswell?

For those individuals that have accumulated a debt load that they are no longer able to afford, there are several options that can be employed as a method of lessening, or eradicating that debt. They include debt settlement, debt consolidation, and debt negotiation. In circumstances where it is unlikely that the individual will ever be able to pay off their debt, even with the help of a traditional debt relief method, there is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy, like other forms of debt relief, is intended to do away with most or all of a person’s debt. It can be administered in a variety of ways, and each of these ways is geared towards helping those with specific financial situations.

Chapter 7 is for those who can liquidate some of their non-exempt assets in order to help repay their creditors, Chapter 11 serves mostly businesses (or individuals with very high debt loads), and Chapter 13 is for those who wish to repay their creditors by way of a payment plan that is completed over time. A Roswell bankruptcy attorney is available to provide you with answers to any of your bankruptcy related questions, and can assist you in filing a petition for the bankruptcy type that is best suited to your needs.

Help in Filing for Bankruptcy

The Sherman Law Group has over 50 years of combined experience in practicing law. Bill Sherman is a former assistant attorney general who has worked for a judge. Valerie Sherman is a former magistrate and assistant county attorney. We utilize our wealth of experience in assisting those who are experiencing financial struggle and are looking for a way out. We have filed bankruptcy petitions on behalf of a large number of clients, and have successfully helped many of them reach their goal of a debt-free life.

If you would like more information about the bankruptcy process, contact a Roswell bankruptcy lawyer who can answer all of your questions, and assist you in completing and filing your petition with the bankruptcy court.

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