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Famous Bankruptcies of American History

It's really amazing how many famous people have filed for bankruptcy. The list seems endless! Famous people from all professions have invoked bankruptcy protection to get a fresh start on their financial lives. Actors, politicians, athletes, inventors, scientists, writers, directors – the list goes on and on. Here are just a few famous Americans who have utilized our great Constitutional right to file bankruptcy:

Tom Petty – the awesome rock musician

Willie Nelson – the multi-talented country music legend

Lawrence Taylor – the amazing linebacker for the New York Giants

Johnny Unitas – the record-setting quarterback

Bowie Kuhn – the former commissioner of baseball

Thomas Jefferson – a Founding Father; responsible for the "Louisiana Purchase"

Abraham Lincoln – one of America's most beloved presidents

Harry S Truman – America's 35th president

Donald Trump – the celebrity real estate developer & T.V. personality

Bjorn Borg – the tennis great

Mike Tyson – a fantastic boxer

H.J. Heinz – the ketchup mogul

Walt Disney – the best ever animator

Henry Ford – founder of the Ford Motor Company

Michael Jackson – the King of Pop

Francis Ford Coppola – the notable film director

All these important Americans eliminated debt with bankruptcy. With that debt gone, they were able to move ahead and do really great things! Call us directly at 678-215-4106 to discuss how you can get a fresh start.