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  • "Can I file bankruptcy if I'm not a U.S. citizen?"

    Question: I am not an American citizen. I am a green card holder. I must file bankruptcy. I lost my job at a restaurant and I started using my credit cards too much. I used my credit cards to buy ...

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  • LGBT issues in bankruptcy
    LGBT issues in bankruptcy

    Question: I feel pretty silly asking this question but I need to get an answer. I live in Dunwoody and I used my credit cards to get gender reassignment surgery. I used to be a man and now I'm a ...

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  • "Please stop the garnishment!"

    Question: My husband just found out from his job that his salary will be garnished. It's from a debt that is 4 years old. He never paid it and now the credit card company and a debt collector are ...

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  • Woodstock, GA: Stop my foreclosure!
    Woodstock, GA: Stop my foreclosure!

    Question: I just got notice in the mail that our mortgage company is going to foreclose on our house. I haven't paid the mortgage in about 9 months. I was hoping that we'd have more time in the house. ...

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  • "I put my student loan debt on credit cards"

    Question: I have to file bankruptcy soon. I just got in over my head with the credit cards. I used the credit cards to pay for my college education. I didn't take out student loans, I just used credit ...

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  • Cumming Bankruptcy: The bank is not accepting partial mortgage payments
    Cumming Bankruptcy: The bank is not accepting partial mortgage payments

    Question: We're facing a foreclosure on our house in Cumming. We want to keep the house but the bank won't work with us. We've asked for a loan modification but the bank said no. We've asked for other ...

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