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Can I Still Go Hunting If I File Bankruptcy?

Question: I need to file bankruptcy as soon as possible and I like to hunt. I hunt squirrel, deer, hogs and ducks and doves. Each season I'm out with my gear and ready to go. It's something that I have a passion for and that I really need to do. It's my therapy. I've been hunting for about 30 years.

I hunt all over. I've got my favorite places in North Georgia, Middle Georgia and South Georgia. I have some land in Forsyth that we use but it's leased and I'm not sure how much longer I can use it. I've got specials guns for everything I hunt. I'm planning a trip to Texas just for the hunting.

The problem is my business is not doing well. I opened a lingerie store with my wife and the store is having major problems. We put basically all our money into it but we have to close it down and get other jobs.

We live in Alpharetta and our store is in Atlanta.

My question is this: can I still go hunting if I file for bankruptcy? I'd really appreciate an answer. Thank you.

Answer: We occasionally get questions about hunting and bankruptcy and we certainly encourage hunters to write to us with questions (or simply call us). Don't worry, you can still go hunting after you file bankruptcy. Many of our clients are hunters and they are still able to enjoy their hobby after filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13. The rumor that people are not allowed to hunt is just that, a rumor. And it is simply not true.

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