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Bankruptcy: I Have Gambling Debts and I'm Afraid of a Wage Garnishment

Question: I got into a lot of debt from gambling. I was betting on the Internet and I was going to casinos in North Carolina, Mississippi and Alabama. I lost a lot of money. When I wasn't betting in the casinos I was online betting on sports like football and basketball. I got into trouble betting on the University of Georgia and on Georgia Tech.

I used my credit cards to pay for the gambling and now I owe the credit card companies large sums; sadly, it's well over $100,000.00. I'm being sued by Atlanta area law firms that I think have bought my debt. I know that I can never pay it all back. I make about $23,000.00 a year before taxes.

Now I'm getting sued by a creditor and they said that once they win the lawsuit and get a judgment they will garnish my wages and take the money in my bank account.

I live in Johns Creek and I work in Sandy Springs.

I really need some bankruptcy advice from a bankruptcy lawyer. How can I stop them from garnishing my wages? If they take any money I won't be able to pay my bills and I think they will repossess my car. Then I won't be able to get to work and you need a car in Atlanta.

Answer: Many Americans suffer from gambling addiction, so you are certainly not alone. We help many clients who have gotten into trouble from gambling. They may have placed bets online or at casinos.

Filing bankruptcy should eliminate your debt and once you have filed, creditors cannot garnish your wages. In fact, if they have already started the wage garnishment, it must cease immediately upon the filing of a bankruptcy petition.

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