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What Happens To My Watch Collection If I File Bankruptcy?

Question: I took on way too much debt for my business and we lost a few good customers and now I think I have to file for bankruptcy. My business is in Alpharetta and we work all over the Atlanta area. But since we lost those clients things have been really tough financially. I was using credit cards too much and I took on some business loans with very high interest rates. All my debts were guaranteed by me so I think I am liable for the money owed.

My question is actually about my wristwatch collection. I have collected watches for a long time and I don't know if I need to let the bankruptcy court know about them. I have brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Corum, Tag Heuer, Blancpain and Bulgari, to name just some in the collection. Some of the watches like the Rolex and Patek Philippe are highly collectible and are worth a good deal of money. Some were presents from some of our suppliers overseas. The watches are probably worth about $45,000.00. I really want to keep my watches. Will they be a problem if I file a personal bankruptcy?

Just so you know, I live in Johns Creek and have a condo in Buckhead that I use if I have to be in Atlanta early in the morning for business meetings.

Answer: Yes, all assets must be disclosed when filing bankruptcy. Valuable collectibles, in your case a watch collection, are required to be disclosed to the trustee assigned to the bankruptcy. They are disclosed on your petition, which is prepared by your bankruptcy attorney. You are supposed to give the watches a fair market value. The policy behind the disclosure of assets is that the items can be used to potentially satisfy creditors to whom you owe money.

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