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Can I File an Emergency Bankruptcy?

Question: I need to file an emergency bankruptcy petition. I just got a notice that a company has gotten a wage garnishment against me for an old credit card debt from college. I don't even remember my credit card or what I used it for. So I think I need to file bankruptcy immediately to stop the garnishment. I'm worried that my pay will be garnished and that I won't be able to pay child support or my other bills like my mortgage and car payment.

I live in Cumming, Georgia and I work in Alpharetta off Old Milton Parkway. I thought that the credit card company wouldn't find me because it's been some years since I graduated from the University of Georgia and graduate school at Kennesaw State University. I never got any court papers or anything but my supervisor said that my company had received garnishment paperwork in the mail and that they have to start garnishing my pay.

Can I file an emergency bankruptcy? What should I do?

Answer: Yes, filing bankruptcy will stop the wage garnishment. Many people utilize a bankruptcy filing to stop a garnishment. To file a bankruptcy petition takes certain documents. A bankruptcy lawyer can explain to you what documents are required and the attorney can prepare the necessary petition for you.

An emergency bankruptcy filing, called a "skeleton," would enable you to file quickly. The skeleton does not require all of the documentation that is necessary for bankruptcy. If a skeleton is filed, then you will have 14 days to complete the full filing. If that does not occur, your case will be dismissed.

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