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When Does A Wage Garnishment Stop?

Question: I have been getting a wage garnishment for about 2 months. I need to make the garnishment stop. They are taking a big chunk of my pay check. I am getting garnished because I couldn't pay a credit card bill from a few years ago after I got laid-off from a job in Alpharetta and I got divorced from my wife of 18 years. We have 4 children. We lived in Duluth before we got divorced. Now I live in Roswell in a condo.

Now I'm back working at a restaurant in Sandy Springs as the manager and I need all the money I can earn for bills, rent, car payments and child support. My ex-wife said she was going to sue me for the child support that I'm behind and I'm worried that I might go to jail. I always paid her something for child support but since I've been dealing with a garnishment I haven't been able to pay everything that I should. The garnishment is causing me all sorts of problems and I'm really worried.

I need to stop the garnishment as soon as possible. How do I stop the garnishment and when can I do it?

Answer: We have many bankruptcy clients who have been garnished. Once you file bankruptcy and get a case number the garnishment must stop. If the garnishment continues, then that creditor is in violation of the bankruptcy stay. When a bankruptcy petition is filed with the court, a case number is generated. You should inform both your employer and the creditor that you have filed, provide them with your case number and then the garnishment should end.

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