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Garnishment: What do I do now?

Question: My wife and I are both facing a wage garnishment. In the last two weeks we have been told by our employers that we are going to get garnished. Our supervisors said they received a garnishment order from the court.

We work at different companies and we have each been married before. This is a second marriage for both of us. We each had financial problems and now we are looking at a garnishment. We can't afford to lose the money. We need two incomes for the mortgage, our cars and to pay our bills. My daughter is starting college at Kennesaw State University this year. We need these garnishments stopped.

We live in Alpharetta and I work in Johns Creek and my wife works in Cumming at a hospital. I have an old credit card debt and my wife had a car repossession for a few years ago.

We just can't afford a garnishment of wages. How do we stop the garnishment? It's an emergency.

P.B. in Alpharetta

Answer: Filing a bankruptcy petition will stop a garnishment of wages. We certainly understand that a pending garnishment is an emergency situation and that we need to act quickly.

Once a bankruptcy is filed, the garnishment must terminate. If the garnishment has already begun and we file, it must stop. It is possible that any wages that are being held by the court will be returned to you. Sometimes a court will have a payment or two that has not been sent to the creditor, and we try to retrieve those funds for you.

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