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Bankruptcy: What if I get fired?

Question: I've got over $50K in credit card debt and I think I might get fired because I used Ashley Madison and now my information is out there on the internet. I think I might be filing bankruptcy if I get fired. And even if I don't get fired I think I may have to file bankruptcy because the debt is just too much and I can barely afford the minimum payments for the cards.

I work at a small company in Roswell, Georgia. The owner is very judgmental and said he hates cheaters because his first wife cheated on him with a player on the Atlanta Braves. I'm scared because I used the Ashley Madison service and I checked out one of the sites that have the email addresses of the customers and I'm on it. If my boss finds out I think I'll get terminated.

I shouldn't have used my work email address but Ashley Madison said they keep it confidential – I guess they lied. I thought I wouldn't be caught. I never actually met a lady through the site so it really was a waste of time and money.

I need to know if I get fired can I still file for bankruptcy. I think I'll have to file either way, but my boss said he's looking through all company email addresses over the weekend and if he finds something he said he'll be disappointed and fire people.

T.H. in Roswell

Answer: Whether someone is fired, laid-off or resigns, he or she can still file for bankruptcy. The court will look at income or lack thereof. So if you get fired, that will not legally prevent you from filing for bankruptcy. In fact, many people who are out of work file bankruptcy.

We know the Ashley Madison leak is causing an enormous amount of anxiety. And as more information is released and published on the internet, many details of users will become readily available to anyone searching online. Companies of all sizes (as well as government organizations throughout Georgia) are looking to see if any of their employees used Ashley Madison's services.

From a financial perspective, people fear losing jobs because their personal information appears on Ashley Madison. These people, job recruiters say, might have a hard time finding another position because many potential employers will not want to hire someone who is using a website to have an affair. They might be seen as untrustworthy and as a liability to the business.

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