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"Credit card debt is killing me"

Question: I'm looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Alpharetta because I got into too much debt using my credit cards and I want to file bankruptcy before I get married this summer. The credit card debt is killing me.

I was living off my credit cards and my divorce drained me. I had a ton of alimony to pay and a huge child support obligation. My salary wasn't covering it so I used my credit cards to make up the difference every month.

I went to another job because I didn't get along with my boss. He used to call me stupid names and sometimes he'd make vulgar comments about me at meetings. The new job is so much nicer, but it pays less than before. So along with all of the stuff from the divorce, I'm trying to make do with less money coming in.

I was using Visa, American Express and MasterCard to pay bills. And I got a new girlfriend and she's between jobs and has two kids so I'm helping her out when she needs it. So the money isn't going very far.

I need to know if I can get rid of my credit card debt and get bankruptcy protection. If I can do that, then I'll be alright paying my other bills.

P.Y. in Alpharetta, GA

Answer: We help many clients with too much credit card debt. Credit card debt is perhaps the most frequent cause of filing. And credit card companies often impose punishing interest rates and late charges on their consumers. Between the high interest rates and late charges, many people fall into a "debt spiral."

The good news is that credit card debt can be eliminated (discharged) by filing bankruptcy. In fact, many clients get rid of credit card debt by filing a chapter 7 or a chapter 13. They use the filing to eliminate all kinds of credit card debt, including debts to Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

The bankruptcy law looks at your expenses, so the fact that you have child support payments and alimony may actually help you in some ways.

As Alpharetta bankruptcy attorneys, we know how to give you the best possible chance to get rid of all of your debts and to get a fresh start in life. Our first step is to do a financial assessment, which will tell us exactly what your best options are for filing and how we can eliminate your debts.

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