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Can I keep my pet dog if I file bankruptcy?

Question: If I file bankruptcy can I keep my pet? I have a dog and he's 4 years old and I really want to keep him. He's actually a mutt we got from a humane society. But he's great with kids and he's wonderful in the house. He's a fantastic pet.

I need to file bankruptcy because I have way too much medical debt and credit card bills. I also have student loans that are very high.

Over the years I've put too much debt on the credit cards. I was using the cards to buy things that I should not have. I bought a car, a boat, a jet ski and season tickets to the Braves and the Falcons. I went on some pretty extravagant vacations using the credit cards, including a trip to Las Vegas where I blew about $10,000.00.

I always thought I'd be able to pay it all back. But now it's gotten out of control. And I have a lot of medical debt for a few procedures that I had.

I need to know if I can keep my pet if I file bankruptcy.

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Answer: You can keep your pet dog if you file bankruptcy. We have not seen a case where someone was unable to keep their pet because they filed bankruptcy.

Of course, if your pet is an expensive thoroughbred racehorse, for example, it could be a valuable financial asset that could be utilized to satisfy creditors. But a cat, dog, snake, bird or other common household pet is very unlikely to even garner a second-look from a bankruptcy trustee.

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