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Johns Creek: Will bankruptcy stop a wage garnishment?

Question: My job just got a notice of wage garnishment for me. My boss said he has to start taking the money from my paycheck in several weeks. I really can't afford a garnishment. I need the money in my paycheck; I need all of my pay.

The debt is from an old credit card. I don't even remember it. I don't think they even sent me papers saying I was being sued. But now I'm going to be garnished. I need the garnishment to go away.

My friend said that your law firm filed for bankruptcy for him and then he wasn't garnished. He said that if I file a bankruptcy they can't take my money. I need to know if that's true. If I need to I'll file bankruptcy.

I work in Johns Creek at a car dealer and my wife doesn't work. She's at home with our 2 kids and 1 of them is autistic. I need to make my mortgage payment and my car payment. But that will be hard if I'm garnished.

How do I stop the garnishment?

S.B. in Johns Creek

Answer: If you file for bankruptcy the garnishment must stop. Many people use the bankruptcy process to stop a wage garnishment. By filing a bankruptcy the garnishment must, by operation of law, terminate. Either a chapter 7 or chapter 13 will stop the garnishment.

We have stopped many garnishments by filing bankruptcy for a client.

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