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  • "Can I keep my Harley if I file for bankruptcy?"

    Question: I have a motorcycle that I want to keep when I file bankruptcy. I love my bike. I used to have several motorcycles; I had a Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, BMW, Victory and an Indian. That ...

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  • "If my business files bankruptcy, do I have to file?"

    Question: I had a couple of businesses that didn't work out and I need some questions about going bankrupt answered. I owned an art gallery and a clothing store. The art gallery sold some original art ...

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  • "How many times can I file bankruptcy?"

    Question: I used to be a stockbroker, then I opened a restaurant and then I invested in a friend's satirical magazine. The publication was supposed to be a little like National Lampoon and a little ...

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  • "I need to go bankrupt"

    Question: I need to go bankrupt. Last year was a rough one. I got divorced and arrested and now I'm being treated for drug addiction. I guess it's all related. I started a business in Alpharetta. It ...

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  • Can I file bankruptcy if I never opened the business?
    Can I file bankruptcy if I never opened the business?

    Question: I think I have to file bankruptcy. I started a smoke shop business with a friend from college. I was an accountant and he managed a restaurant and we quit our jobs. We both love cigars, ...

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  • Can a tattoo artist file bankruptcy?
    Can a tattoo artist file bankruptcy?

    Question: I have to file bankruptcy because I'm getting called and harassed all the time and I think I'm going to be sued. I love getting tattoos and then I trained to be a tattoo artist. I open my ...

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