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"I need to go bankrupt"

Question: I need to go bankrupt. Last year was a rough one. I got divorced and arrested and now I'm being treated for drug addiction. I guess it's all related. I started a business in Alpharetta. It wasn't working and I had an affair with a neighbor. I got caught and admitted it to my wife. With all that going on I started with anti-anxiety pills and anti-depressants. I'm seeing a psychiatrist and going to AA meetings almost every day.

I racked up debt on my credit cards and I took out several personal loans. I even borrowed from family members like my dad and my cousin in Roswell. I started seeing escorts and got many massages. Now I have huge credit card debt that is at very high interest rates. And I'm looking at a car repo.

But things are looking up. I just got a new job with an internet security company and I'll be training for 6 months. The pay isn't great, but I think I'll really like the job. Our main office is in Johns Creek.

If I file for bankruptcy do you think I can get rid of all my debt? I need some debt relief.

D.O. in Johns Creek

Answer: Bankruptcy exists to give people fresh starts. It certainly sounds like you had a difficult year. The good news is that the debts you describe can be eliminated in bankruptcy. Credit card debt, loans and car repossessions are commonly included in a bankruptcy petition. And events like divorce and drug addiction are common triggering events for bankruptcy.

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