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Can a tattoo artist file bankruptcy?

Question: I have to file bankruptcy because I'm getting called and harassed all the time and I think I'm going to be sued. I love getting tattoos and then I trained to be a tattoo artist. I open my own tattoo business and I spent a lot of money starting everything. The tattoo shop didn't work out and now I've got a ton of debt on my credit cards. I bought equipment, signed a lease and hired an assistant.

I need to get rid of the debt and start fresh. I thought the tattoo business would work out because people say I do great work. I can pretty much draw anything. I had some celebrity clients and a few bands. I drew original pieces and I got a lot of compliments. I made my own ink by mixing colors and I even used some of my designs for T-shirts and posters. But the business did not work.

I live in Cumming, GA, with my girlfriend who just told me that she's pregnant.

Can I get rid of the debt by filing bankruptcy? Are artists treated differently under the law? Please help!

T.K. in Forsyth County

Answer: We see no reason from what you have told us why you cannot file bankruptcy. Artists are not treated differently than anyone else under the bankruptcy law. We would do a financial assessment to determine if you qualify for a chapter 7 or a chapter 13, and which chapter works best for you in your situation.

We have filed bankruptcy for many types of businesses, including for artists and other creative people.

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