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I need medical debt relief now

Question: I'm being sued over some medical debt that I got following a car accident. The accident was my fault and I've had to go to a number of doctors. I've seen a surgeon, radiologist, orthopedist and a podiatrist. I also want plastic surgery.

I have bills from North Fulton Hospital and Northside Hospital. And I've gone to some clinics. I'm seeing a pain doctor and I owe a bill for an anesthesiologist. My medications are pretty expensive and I take a lot of pills.

The doctor bills are huge and there's no way I can pay them. I work in Cumming and I live in Johns Creek. I sell insurance.

I really don't have much other debt. I have a little bit of credit card debt and I rent a house and own a car.

I want to know if I can get rid of my medical debt to the doctors and the hospitals and clinics if I file bankruptcy. I really don't want to go to court for my lawsuit. What should I do becasue I need medical debt relief?

T.Y. in Johns Creek

Answer: You can eliminate medical debt by filing bankruptcy. Many people suffer from doctor, hospital and clinic bills. Medical costs are high and are rising. Many people use the mechanism of bankruptcy to eliminate these onerous debts. Medical debt collection agencies are thriving becasue so many people can't afford their medical bills.

Medical debts can be eliminated in a chapter 7 bankruptcy or addressed in a chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. We perform a comprehensive financial assessment to determine which bankruptcy chapter works best for our clients.

Medical debt relief is one of the chief reasons people file bankruptcy.

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