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Sandy Springs: When can you stop my wage garnishment?

Question: I work at a restaurant in Sandy Springs, Georgia. I was told by the restaurant's owner that he had papers for a garnishment for me. He said that soon they will be garnish my wages. But I can't afford being garnished. As a server at the bar and restaurant I get a lot of tips but the wages are important to me because I have some big expenses.

I have to pay rent, a car loan and child support. I need all the money that I make. I got sued by a credit card company because I couldn't make payments when I was in college. Like many other college students and got into debt. But now I've graduated from Georgia State University and things are looking up financially.

My girlfriend had a baby and I really need to pay child support. And I've been helping my mom with some expenses now that her and my dad got divorced. She doesn't work anymore because of an alcohol problem and she's trying to get disability.

When can you stop my wage garnishment? I can't be garnished.

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Answer: The wage garnishment stops when we file bankruptcy and we get a case number. Both the filing of a chapter 7 and a chapter 13 will stop the garnishment.

If you need to file bankruptcy immediately, we can file a "skeleton" for you. A skeleton petition is a "rush" bankruptcy and we have 2 weeks to file all of the necessary paperwork or your petition will be dismissed by the court.

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