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  • I got a foreclosure notice: Now what?
    I got a foreclosure notice: Now what?

    Question: My bank won't do a mortgage modification and today a got a foreclosure notice. I need to stop the foreclosure. I don't want the bank taking the house. I just got another job so now I can ...

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  • Bankruptcy: A personal guaranty for debt
    Bankruptcy: A personal guaranty for debt

    Question: I got into financial trouble because I tried to start a business and I just ran out of money. I saved up a lot of cash to try to start a business of my own and it just didn't work. Things ...

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  • "I'm behind on my mortgage payments"

    Question: I'm facing a foreclosure on my house. I need to stop the bank from taking my home. I'm behind on my mortgage payments. I haven't paid in about 6 months and now I got a letter saying that I ...

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  • "I want to go bankrupt as soon as possible"

    Question: I need to go bankrupt so I can start over. I have so much debt now that I can't even make my minimum payments for my credit cards and I've bounced three checks this month, which I know is ...

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  • I'm keeping my pets even if I file bankruptcy!
    I'm keeping my pets even if I file bankruptcy!

    Question: I'm a pet-lover. If I file bankruptcy I want to keep all of my pets. I have a dog, cat, bird, snake and a fish. I've always loved animals and my first job was at a pet store in Atlanta. I ...

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  • Bankruptcy FAQs
    Bankruptcy FAQs

    What period of time does the means test look at? The means test considers the 6 months preceding the filing of the petition. If we file in March, for example, that look back period is September ...

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