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"I want to go bankrupt as soon as possible"

Question: I need to go bankrupt so I can start over. I have so much debt now that I can't even make my minimum payments for my credit cards and I've bounced three checks this month, which I know is illegal. My credit score is shot and I'm not on track to buy a house.

I need help with my situation. My goal is to get out of debt and to buy a house within a few years. I know that I can use bankruptcy to meet my financial goals. My mother filed bankruptcy a few years ago and it really helped her. She was drowning in debt and when she filed her life got better. Now she has almost no debt and she bought a nice house.

I got in trouble from spending too much money. I had an expensive car, I bought a boat and a jet-ski and I tried to have a weekend home in North Georgia. I also owned a small plane. I lost my job because everything got outsourced to India and then I had to get another job. I found another job but it pays way less. Also, I went through a divorce and that was expensive. And my wife worked as a dentist so she was helping to pay all the bills.

Now I want to go bankrupt as soon as possible so I can get rid of all my debts.

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Answer: Many people file bankruptcy to get a fresh financial start. Everyone's situation is unique, but many of your experiences are applicable to a great many other people. Indeed, job loss, divorce and just having too much debt are very common among our clients. Of course, cars, boats, planes and houses can put individuals in difficult financial circumstances.

The good news is that bankruptcy can provide relief. Either through a chapter 7 or chapter 13 people can break free of debt. We do a financial assessment for our clients to help them determine their best options. For some clients it's filing a chapter 7, for others it's a chapter 13 and for other it's doing debt negotiation, which we do for some clients.

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