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Bankruptcy: You can still take your medicine

Question: I'm thinking of filing bankruptcy because I have too much debt. I need to know if I can still take my medicines that the doctor told me to take. Will anyone object to that?

My debt has been piling up for several years now. I lost my job, started a business and I made some bad investments and now I've pretty much used up all of my credit. I even borrowed money from my parents and my father-in-law. But now I'm broke and I at least need to seriously consider going bankrupt like my sister and my cousin did.

I think I'll start making money again, but it could take some time. I'm working for a friend in Sandy Springs who owns a restaurant and he wants to open a place in Alpharetta which I can manage. Hopefully we can expand the business.

But I take drugs for a heart condition, diabetes and erectile dysfunction. I take Viagra and sometimes Cialis almost every day. I really need the stuff. I want to know if I go bankrupt if I can still take my medications. I really need those drugs.

T.A. in Roswell, GA

Answer: When you file bankruptcy, either chapter 7 or chapter 13, you can still buy and take your prescription medication. Bankruptcy judges and trustees understand that it's important for people to take medications that are prescribed for them. To not take your drugs would be unhealthy; you need to stay healthy.

A very large segment of the population takes medication on a daily basis. We have filed numerous bankruptcy cases for people who take prescription drugs, in fact, it's very common. If you need medicine, you certainly need to take it. We have not had a situation where one of our clients was prevented from taking his or her prescription because of the bankruptcy law.

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