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Don't be embarrassed about debt

Question: I think I need to rush and do a bankruptcy filing because I'm about to get a wage garnishment. But I'm pretty embarrassed about some of the things I used my credit cards for. I am embarrassed about some of my debts.

I bought a lot of designer clothes in Atlanta; I even had suits made to order. And my brother used my credit card and paid for a lot of pornography websites. He charged up a lot to those cards and he got many massages from some sketchy places. So I'm not proud of those charges. The only thing I did was open an Ashley Madison account, but nothing ever became of that.

Is that aright that those credit cards were used for charges that I'm not proud of? I mean will that be a problem if I file for bankruptcy. I don't for that to stop me from filing because I really do have a lot of real debt from things like veterinary bills, doctor visits, car repairs and grocery stores. Really the Ashley Madison, porn and clothing debt is small compared to the other stuff. Now I need to speak with a bankrupcty lawyer.

Will that other debt prevent me from filing? I need to know.

G.Y. in Roswell, GA

Answer: First of all, you should never be embarrassed about debt. Just about everybody is dealing with some sort of debt issue. That's why millions of Americans file bankruptcy. They are entitled to debt relief under the U.S. Constitution.

The debts you describe should be eliminated by filing bankruptcy. We see all kinds of debt, and it really shouldn't be a problem in having it taken care of in a bankruptcy, either through a chapter 7 or a chapter 13.

We always analyze our clients' debts to determine if any problems exist. Usually we can eliminate any types of debt that exist. We understand that people use credit cards for all sorts of purchases of goods and services and we are never judgmental about anything. That makes our clients comfortable.

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