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Can I file for bankruptcy if I'm getting social security?

Question: I'm a senior citizen and I get social security. I need to file for bankruptcy because I have too much debt and I'm getting harassed by those nasty debt collectors.

I need to know if I can go bankrupt even though I get social security. I am writing to you because I need to file so I don't get sued and the threatening calls stop. But since I get social security every month from the government I want to k ow if I can file for a bankruptcy.

I got into debt because my wife always spends money on clothes, and because I made a loan to my granddaughter which she can't pay back because she got fired from her job and because I take my pet dog to the veterinarian every month and that costs a fortune. But I don't want to put the dog down so I need money to keep paying the vet bills, which are adding up.

I could have afforded everything but my wife spends all our money on clothes and she doesn't work in real estate anymore. My granddaughter got fired from her work because she showed up drunk to a meeting. Now the young lady is pregnant with twins and I don't know how she can support herself.

So can I file a bankruptcy to get out of all this debt even though I collect social security?

R.M. in Sandy Springs, GA

Answer: Don't worry; you can file for bankruptcy even if you are collecting social security. Many people who are on social security file for bankruptcy protection. Just like anyone else, they can legally file either a chapter 7 or a chapter 13, depending on their particular financial circumstances.

We have helped many senior citizens file for bankruptcy. We first do a full financial assessment for them, and that allows us to fully understand all of their options for debt relief. Again, just because you are receiving social security does not mean that you are prevented from filing for bankruptcy.

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