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I know for bankruptcy you need pay stubs

Question: I know for bankruptcy you need pay stubs. How far back do I need pay stubs? The reason I ask is that I used to have a great job but I lost it because my boss thought I embezzled and he thinks I drink too much. Now I need to file bankruptcy to keep my house and I have a lot of debt that I could afford on my old salary but I just can’t handle any longer. Is the bankruptcy court going to need my pay stubs from more than a year ago, when I was working steadily and making money?

I got my old job out of business school. I worked in Atlanta and the money was really good. But my marriage started to deteriorate and my wife found out that I was an Ashley Madison user and she wanted to get a divorce. I started using credit cards for almost everything and now I’m in trouble.

I’ve only worked sporadically for the past year. I do some consulting for some tech start-ups and I tried to start my own business making donuts and baking, which is something I’ve always found relaxing. That didn’t work out and then I opened a cigar shop, but I tried to secretly sell some Cuban cigars and I got busted.

Since I haven’t made steady money for at least a year, how far back do you need pay stubs? Do you need pay stubs even if I left a job?

K.W. in Alpharetta, GA

Answer: The bankruptcy court requires that we report any income that was received over the 6 months prior to filing. This includes any income received from an employer where an individual is no longer employed if that person received the income within six months of the date your bankruptcy petition is filed.

Therefore, we will need pay stubs for any income received within the last six months. If you do not have these available, you may need to contact the payroll department for your former employer to get them, as this information is required by the court.

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