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I'm being harassed by debt collectors

Question: I’m getting calls from companies to whom I owe money. They’re harassing me. They keep calling, and they’re threatening to sue me if I don’t pay. These debt collectors are seriously hounding me and calling maybe 20 times a day. Morning, afternoon and night they call. I don’t think they miss a day; at least that’s how it feels when you get creditor calls all the time.

I need for them to stop. I need to get rid of all this debt. Now my ex-wife wants more child support, so I’m in trouble financially.

I used to make good money but now I make a lot less because the company I worked for is losing money. We had a strong market for our products, but it seems like other companies are taking our business. I think it’s because our founder and CEO has developed a prescription drug habit and it’s impacting his judgment.

I know that bankruptcy might be a good option to clear up my debt. I haven’t ever filed but my girlfriend said that it was great when she filed and got rid of all the debt that she accumulated from a divorce starting a business that failed.

I need to make the debt collectors stop calling and I want to get advice on how bankruptcy can make them stop harassing me.

H.B. in Roswell, Georgia

Answer: Many people file bankruptcy to stop the harassment from debt collectors. Some debt collectors call many times a day and they don’t care if someone is at work, at home, with their children or grandchildren or even attending a religious service. Debt collectors will do whatever they can to get your money.

Once a bankruptcy petition is filed, then collection agencies must, by law, cease all collection activities. So lawsuits and garnishments stop, and so do foreclosure proceedings. If they don’t, then the debt collector can get into trouble under the law.

When we file a bankruptcy petition, either a chapter 7 or a chapter 13, for a client, we alert all of our clients’ creditors and then they must stop their collection efforts. We make sure that all lawsuits and garnishments are halted.

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