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Bankruptcy: I have a sick husband and I want to keep our house

Question: I have a sick husband and I want to keep our house and we need to file bankrupcty.

Now I really need help getting out of debt and I need a bankruptcy lawyer. My husband is sick with a disease the doctors haven’t yet completely diagnosed and I spend my time taking care of him. We’ve gone to neurologists, endocrinologists and cardiologists, along with a bunch of other specialists. But they haven’t told us what the problem is. He’s tired all of the time, depressed, his back hurts so much he has to sleep on the floor and he complains of headaches. He takes a lot of medications.

Obviously he can’t work. He really can’t drive a car, and he suffers from bad diarrhea. So I had to quit my job to take care of him. It’s really a full-time job looking after him because he needs so much help.

I quit my job in a dentist’s office after 15 years and my husband used to be a software developer. Our money is running out and hopefully he can get disability. His parents can’t give us any more money because they have health problems themselves.

We had to live on credit cards and now the balances are so high and the interest rates are huge and we just stopped making payments. So we need help and hope we can qualify for a bankruptcy so the lawsuits stop and we can finally get out of debt.

We haven’t ever filed for bankruptcy before and we’ve been told that your firm is a great bankruptcy law firm and we need to speak to you.

I was also wondering if we can keep our house if we go bankrupt. I'm worried about a foreclosure.

T.G. in Sandy Springs, GA

Answer: We will do a financial assessment to determine which bankruptcy chapter makes the most sense for you and your husband. If you want to keep your house, and the house has substantial equity, you can file a chapter 13 bankruptcy petition. If you want to keep the home, and it has minimal equity, then a chapter 7 filing might make more sense. After completing the financial assessment, we will have the ability to help guide you to the best decision.

You’re certainly not alone having debt due to illness. Millions of Americans, and many people in Georgia, are suffering from too much medical debt. Medical, doctor and hospital bills are dischargeable in bankruptcy. Thankfully, medical debt of all kinds can be eliminated in bankruptcy.

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