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I have too much debt and I'm depressed

Question: I just have too much debt and I’m depressed and I think I need to file bankruptcy. It’s gotten to the point where I’m scared to answer my phone because some debt collector will be calling me and harassing. I’m a good person, and I’m nice, and I really didn’t want to get into debt but now I’m over my head and I’m not sure what to do about it. And I don’t know how to get my financial affairs in order.

I need a local Woodstock bankruptcy attorney because my credit cards are all pretty much at their limits. My Visa, Amex, and MasterCard have almost $50,000 on them combined, maybe more. I used the cards to live on after I got laid-off and I used them to pay my divorce lawyer and to start a business.

I got fired from my old job at a restaurant because they thought I stole money. That caused my marriage to go bad and then I wanted to start a business with a friend. The business involved producing music and it started well but then faded because I couldn’t afford to rent studio space. My plan was to get some musicians to record some big tunes with us and then we’d move up to the next level, maybe get an office in New York or Los Angeles. Problem was that we couldn’t find the musicians and then we ran out of money.

So now I’m looking at my options to get out of all this debt and I know bankruptcy can get you relief. A friend of mine went bankrupt and she said it was her best money move ever. She said that after she filed bankruptcy the harassment stopped and the debt collectors never called her again. No more threats. No more harassment.

I’d like to explore my options with you and see if you can make the debt I have disappear for good. I know there are different chapters in bankruptcy and I’d like to know more, and then file soon.

W.J. in Woodstock, Georgia

Answer: As local bankruptcy lawyers, we very much understand that having too much debt, having overwhelming debt, can be depressing and anxiety-provoking. We also understand that if a business does not succeed, it can leave the people who started the company in debt, and they are almost always going to be personally liable for the debt.

And debt collectors are well-known and infamous for harassing people. They can call many times a day and they can be very insulting.

As a bankruptcy law firm, one of the rewards of the job is seeing a person relieved of the stress, anxiety, and harassment that comes from debt. It’s great to see how much better many clients look and feel after they’ve filed bankruptcy.

Don’t worry, you will have options. It might be a Chapter 7, or perhaps a Chapter 13, or maybe we will do debt negotiation for you. We do a financial assessment to determine which bankruptcy chapter is the best one for you.

Please call us so we can schedule a consultation and go over the specifics of each bankruptcy chapter and how they apply to your situation.